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Phil Martino, a  Pittsburgh commercial builder, has been a NUCOR Dealer/Contractor for 15 years. NUCOR is the largest steel recycler in North America
Last year Nucor recycled a quantity of scrap steel in excess of 20 million tons. Nucor’s steel making processes have much lower emissions than integrated steel making operations. Nucor’s energy consumption per ton of steel produced is much lower than that of integrated mills(source- Nucor website) . Phil Martino (PCM Inc) is able to offer “turn-key” Construction operations from engineering to final Interior Design. PCM Inc. works with Concrete Zen to offer Decorative Concrete Solutions for flooring, counters, sinks, panels and wall treatments. 

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PCM Inc. - Nucor Building in Pittsburgh PA ready for the Concrete

PCM Inc. - Nucor Building in Pittsburgh PA ready for the Concrete

GFRC-Rainscreens & Cladding=Smart Building

GFRC Cladding for Building Facade

GFRC Cladding for Building Facade

Responsible building is becoming more and more popular,and so are creative solutions to help buildings perform efficiently. Nick Bajzek, Products Editor with Reed Business Information,highlights the use of Rain Screens and their positive impact on building envelope construction. December 11, 2009 at GFRC performing as an envelope component not only allows buildings look interesting, but increases energy efficiency. GFRC rain screens can help channel water into a reservoir while also functioning as a thermal break to wind and heat. Take Pride Construction and Design works with a local GFRC Manufacturer Concrete Zen and Ball Consulting.

Howe Street Project



This is the Howe Street Renovation Project of the 100 year old Victorian Home in Shadyside Pittsburgh, Pa. We gave the owner a chance to help with the demolition.

Below you can see the finished project and the owner has moved in. -Nicole Santella

The Finished Project

The Finished Project

Phil Martino – Week 6.11.09

This week Phil is working on:

Heritage Box, Co is a current project Phil is working on.  It is a manufacturing company that builds wooden crates for shipping large items over seas.  This is also a design build project, and Harry Levine is the architect on the project.

The building is Located in Center Township.  They are about 1 month into the porject, and this week the foundations and block footings are being done.  It’s been raining a lot lately, which is usual for Pittsburgh, so weather will determine whether the foundation is finished this week.  If it rains, the concrete footings will need to be cleaned, which adds time and man-power.

Phil feels good about the project right now.  He works with good people.

Phil Martino

A little history about Phil:

Phil has been in the construction business for 45 years, and has his own company, since 1985.  He is experienced in Masonry, Concrete, and Steel.  He Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and was a student of civil engineering and majored in structural design.

In 2006, Dwell Magazine featured a house he built and helped design, on Copeland Street, in Pittsburgh.  It is the first metal building/residential house in Shadyside.  The metal used for the home is from Nucor, which is recycled Steel, and Concrete Block was used.  The pre-existing home was torn down and part of the foundation was re-used in the re-building, probably 2/3 of it.

This project combined residential interior with a commercial structure and exterior.  The cabinets were hand built, they built the recycled steel railings up the stairs and around the loft, and the floors are concrete.

Phil has recently been working with Concrete Zen in making concrete counter tops.  Chatham University’s Bathroom sinks and VIA’s cash counter were done last week.  Both projects were pretty standard designs, and turned out great.