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Walnut Street – Grace

Yesterday I stopped by the Walnut Street project and the Field Club project.  I took some photos and took a look at the space.  At Walnut Street the dry wall is up!  I met with the clients and took care a couple small details.  One being their fireplace design, which Concrete Zen is going to design and fabricate.  The style of the house is very simplistic and modern.  We found a nice photo that we are going use as inspiration.

At Field Club we discussed a couple details, one being the location of the master room bathroom door.  We think it needs to be moved because it is cramping the space.  I uploaded the pictures to our Flickr account.

Field Club

On Saturday I sat down and spent a little time with the LEED checklist for the Bingham Street Condo Project.  I completed the Locations and Linkages section.  It’s a fun easy part of the certification project.  This section is important because it proves that the building is within reasonable (walking) distance to neccessities such as banks, stores, medical facilities, food, etc.  Being within walking (or biking!) distances to these places is important for sustainable design and good urban design.  It’s easier for residents, and it is

more efficient than having to drive everywhere.  Being on the Southside, residents will have an abundance of options.  (Personally,  I’ll be happy the day that cars are considered “alternate transportation” and buses and bikes will be the norm.)

Thank you Google maps!  I was able to go online and look up the address of the condos and map the distances to all local businesses, parks, neccessaties and bus routes.  I’m a big fan of public transportation, so I was happy to show all the options a Condo resident may have only a block from their home!

Bingham Street Condos

Last week, on Thursday, we had our Design Charrette.

The Design Charrette is a meeting with all people involved with the LEED project of the building.  I’m excited to be on the project.  LEED for Homes is new, and the LEED process is new for me though I’m familiar with LEED.  I’m learning a lot.  I hope to absorb as much as possible.

We discussed the project, the project goals, roles of the sub-contractors, and what we need to do.

On Saturday Brian and I went through the LEED for Homes checklist.  There is a lot of information required and a lot to consider for certification, but I think we’ll definitely get the certification.  Going through the list, again, makes the process clearer.  There are a lot of points and I’m starting to understand them.  I’m glad to be working with Tom Branch and Lab8 who know a lot about this.

Sheffield Street Project update

Grace CatranisLast week I was working on the Sheffield Street Project.  Nikki and I went out to the house and spent a couple hours doing site measurements.  The house is partially demoed right now, dark, and dirty.  We only had the light of our little cell phones to keep us from tripping on the stairs.  Next time I’ll remember my flash-light.

The house is pretty neat.  It’s the last on it’s block to be fixed up, and the neighbors are excited to see it get done.  It’s an old house and has lots of cool little details that I hope we maintain during the reconstruction process.  It’s big too.  We should be able to divide it into two decent sized condos, each with outdoor space.

I also did drawings of the house, in AutoCAD, last week.  It was definitely tricky, because the house is half demoed and has some furniture laying around.  But, it’s done.  We already have some ideas on how to split up the space.  Space planning is one of my favorite parts of the project.