Working on several properties at one time.

Walnut Street has been going on for a while.  We just got approval to start the second phase.

The first phase was demo.  We had to remove all of the old horsehair plaster. What a giant mess that is. The dirt and dust was incredible.

The house is over 100 hundred years old and has its issues.  We had to be very careful removing the plaster on the exterior walls.  The siding was popping off if we did not handle it carefully.  The plumber and electrician had to rearrange lots of stuff to fit the plans.

Now we need to reframe the exterior openings to accommodate new doors and window sizes.  The owner wants a cool contemporary look.  We are very excited to do this job.

We will be using some cool concrete counters and fireplace surrounds.

Today we start the final demo for the window and door framing.