An urban planning company called Surbana Urban Planning  Group is taking green building to a whole new level.  The company has designed a community being referred to as an “Eco-City”, in which several of the newest green technologies will be used to power the city including solar power, wind power, desalination of sea water, and rainwater recycling.  Tianjin Eco-City in China is a 30 square kilometer development that will house 350,000 residents.  The city will be divided into seven different districts for these residents to enjoy,  including the Lifescape, Solarscape, Eco-Valley, Earthscape, Eco-Corridor, and Urbanscape.  Public transportation will also be addressed, with the addition of a state-of-the-art light rail system to ensure an easy commute.  Click here to read more and see renderings of the innovative city.

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