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Going “Green” Means Staying Local

Brian Polishing Wet Cast Counter with Integrated Drainboard and Cutting table Many cities are riding the green wave: “Beginning in March, San Franciscans will be able to seek financing from Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, which will make $150 million in bonds available, according to Renewable Funding, a private group that will put up the capital and administer the program at no cost to the city.”-USA Today

Here in Pittsburgh, we can witness an accelerated growth of becoming more environmentally friendly. “Pittsburgh will be the North American host city for World Environment Day in 2010″ according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).-

Being recognized locally for climbing out of the smoggy reputation is a facet of the entire picture. Another aspect of gaining points is the Green manufacturing of Green products. A product isn’t entirely Green unless it’s resources are obtained within close proximity to it’s final destination. We set up a Sister company with a local Commercial Builder (PCM Inc) called Concrete Zen. Our workshop offers Architects, Designers and Builders and opportunity to resource materials for their projects locally. Concrete Zen creates all forms of Decorative Concrete and Concrete Flooring Solutions.

GFRC-Rainscreens & Cladding=Smart Building

GFRC Cladding for Building Facade

GFRC Cladding for Building Facade

Responsible building is becoming more and more popular,and so are creative solutions to help buildings perform efficiently. Nick Bajzek, Products Editor with Reed Business Information,highlights the use of Rain Screens and their positive impact on building envelope construction. December 11, 2009 at GFRC performing as an envelope component not only allows buildings look interesting, but increases energy efficiency. GFRC rain screens can help channel water into a reservoir while also functioning as a thermal break to wind and heat. Take Pride Construction and Design works with a local GFRC Manufacturer Concrete Zen and Ball Consulting.

sustainable-pictureMission statement from SASBE website: “SASBE(Smart and Sustainable Built Environment) 2009 will be the biggest event in the European region on sustainable building and development before 2011. With our motto we aim at a positive, proactive approach to sustainability in the built environment, via different disciplines and on different scales.
We invite everyone — academics as well as private and public parties from the market — to join us in presenting solutions rather than problems at SASBE2009. ”

The 3rd CIB International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Built Environments (SASBE2009), had taken place at the Delft University of Technology on June 15-19, 2009, had a great selection of speakers. These lived up to the expectations and inspired the delegates (250-300 registrations) under the credo of ‘building smartly in a changing climate’.






11′ GFRC Single pour concrete counter

Nearly 11 feet in length-this GFRC Counter is Concrete Zen's largest single pour to dateTake Pride Construction & Design LLC. completed this restoration in Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA. Phil & Rich work together with Concrete Zen to develop a method to create forms for exceptionally large castings. After some friendly competition, these guys built the form for Concrete Zen’s largest single pour GFRC countertop to date! Keep up the good work! One Gold Star added-Nikki