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A Modern Concrete Home

A Modern Concrete Home

Being Green does not cost more when you factor in the Life Cycle Costs of ICF homes or homes that are energy efficient. Pay back from reduced energy bills is inevitable when you spend about “4% more” up front for a newly constructed ICF home.-Anne Balogh of Concrete Network. Low maintenance, durable building materials such as concrete is one of the factors in assessing the Life Cycle Cost of an ICF home. Your quality of health is another! Fire resistance and sever weather protection are even more reasons to fortify your home in an envelope of concrete!–Elizabeth E.

Buying Green Power Make Cents!

kidwind_iconThe Environmental Protection Agency provides ”The Partner List” to consumers of energy. This easy to read list is compiled of  more than 1,200 organizations that are collectively buying nearly 18 billion kWh of green power annually, equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions from electricity use of more than 1.6 million average American homes.View the complete list when you are ready to invest in those who invest in you at:

Save Energy = Save Money = Save our future:Conservative & Liberals benefit

Save Energy = Save Money = Save our future: Both Conservatives & Liberals benefit.

The National Institute of  building sciences put together the”Whole Building Design Guide” website to make specifying green products easier.  This reference tool allows specifiers to make informed decisions when the option for green product specification comes up in their design process. A download of the “Federal Green Construction Guide for Specifiers”is available on the Design Guide’s website at -EE

This is a trailer for a new documentary that’s being produced featuring Take Pride Construction.  It’s called “Taking Pittsburgh Platinum”.