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Blue Quartz Mix for Commercial Floor

Custom colored quartz is used for flooring mixture

Custom colored quartz is used for flooring mixture

Here Phil and Brian are at the Concrete Zen workshop mixing colored quartz to a custom color that will be applied to the flooring mixture.

The photo on the right shows the broadcasting of the colored quartz prior to the final Epoxy coating.-Nicole Santella

Custom Quarz, Epoxy Flooring

Custom Quartz, Epoxy Flooring

Walnut Street – Grace

Yesterday I stopped by the Walnut Street project and the Field Club project.  I took some photos and took a look at the space.  At Walnut Street the dry wall is up!  I met with the clients and took care a couple small details.  One being their fireplace design, which Concrete Zen is going to design and fabricate.  The style of the house is very simplistic and modern.  We found a nice photo that we are going use as inspiration.

At Field Club we discussed a couple details, one being the location of the master room bathroom door.  We think it needs to be moved because it is cramping the space.  I uploaded the pictures to our Flickr account.

Field Club

South Side Condos

Today we finally got the electric connected for the temporary service.  It has taken several weeks … The electric company was not cooporating.  The guys worked very quickly to disconnect the 3 phase service and the original service.  Our electrician had everything ready for them to make the connection.  Thanks Larry!


Atwood Street

We are getting close to completion on this job on Atwood Street.  Most of the walls have been drywalled and finished, ready for paint.  The Floating Laminate flooring (from Lumber Liquidators) is completed on the first floor.  The cabinets were delivered earlier this week, but they would not fit through the 32″ front door.  We had to take them apart to get them in the house.  Of course it was raining that day.

A new 32″ front door was installed,  The only size that would fit in the space.

There are many things to address when working on old homes.  We had to re-frame and level part of the floor in the kitchen.  And old roof drain pipe, that was in the wall (supposedly disconnected), was leaking for years and caused the floor to deteriorate. We re-used “old” wooden 2 x 12′s from a job in the South Side for the joists.  It is always our intent to recycle or re-use what we can for other jobs.

We are anxiously waiting for the City of Pittsburgh Electric Inspector, so we can finish the drywall patching and plumbing.

All supplies (counters, sinks, faucets, towel bars, vinyl floor, cove base, & quarter round) are ready for pick up.  It should only be a few more days before completion.

Walnut Street Drywall

It has been busy at this site.  We had drywall delivered and windows installed.

The drywall was boomed in over power lines through the front window. Wow what a dangersous looking feat.

Walnut Street Drywall

The drywall was hung in just a few days.  They are soo fast at hanging, especially in a hundred year old crooked house.

The Front windows weighed several hundred pounds.  The installers are amazing.  They do such a good job finishing the windows on the inside and outside.

Our next step is to get the final plumbing inspection and close up the walls to get ready for the finishing of the drywall